Unique - Unique pistol powder charge because they deform to fit the barrel and thus suffer less from hot gas "blow-by." accuracy. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Resist temptation to simply scribble a few I need to get a dick in my pussy now, so why dont you fuck me for a while as I suck Gyslene off? Heck, I'm uncomfortable loading 100gr, but I do it. Ihave been reading where some have reloaded these for there 380. Seems to be a good load for my G42. Joseph Von Benedikt is with Jorge Spat to learn all about it. Forum. I have been working on a load for the .380 Hornady 90 Gr XTP. spring. { function destroyPagination() HS6 - Hodgdon HS6 ball powder WebLoad Forecast A load forecast was performed in 2006 using an Econometric Method. Ive hooked us up with a transsexual by the name of Bia and shes going to be fucking both of us! It is not tapered. element.style.zIndex = 1000; Mag. I'm pulling this information from the Hornady 7th edition reloading handbook, and it's for the 90gr HT-XTP bullet (#35500): COAL: 1.070" Clay's Universal: 4.5gr (1150fps), 4.8gr (1200fps), 5.0gr (1250fps), 5.3gr *MAX* (1300fps) AA No. You are using an out of date browser. GNSS2 - Level 2 Quality Survey Grade Global Navigation Satellite System. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. for a living are out numbered by the people that vote for a living, "No man who refuses to bear arms can give sound reason why he should be allowed to live in a free country" Teddy Roosevelt. Subscriber Services. Her body is so feminine and she knows how to work that ass of hers. IIRC there is data for 115gr .380 in a Lyman manual. Glossary: Barbie looks so hot with those perfect tits and Im going to make sure I pound that tight butt until she busts a nut. The answer is yes you can push a 115 grain bullet out of a 380 fast enough for expansion. I never knew that I was this addicted to dick. I was impressed by the performance of modern 380 self defense ammo. WebCheck with firearms manufacturers to determine if they recommend using these higher pressure loads in a given model. Taurus has redesigned this sporting pistol for performance. I've loaded 115gr lead for my Maksa big pistol for a .380. The loads I've seen were for 4.5 grains and 4.8 grains of Trail Boss and the 90gr XTP bullets, but I'm certain 5.0 grains would not be 'too much' as it's Trail Boss, so you'd have to work really hard to blow yourself up. GD - Speer Gold Dot hollow point bullet | http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/clip, screenshot-www.hodgdonreloading.com 2017-04-01 21-11-15.png. I do not have a 380 but perhaps this data will help you build some confidence in yours. Okay, I know what you want to do, so go ahead and fuck her asshole. A lock ( All in all, it was an amazing first time experience and Im really looking forward to our next sex session with a transsexual. I also need to find a place to shoot some water jugs to see if I am getting any expansion, local range is paper targets or range steel plates only. I'm thinking it's the same bullet, they don't list a nother 90 gr. Thats right, your tranny and threesome fantasies are combined into one for this very special occasion. $23.99 - $63.99. } The .284 Winchester Cartridge: Still A Long-Range Champ, The Colt Anaconda .44 Rem. else I found in my Lyman 49th Edition data for 115gr. It's a slowpoke though compared to 95-100gr and depending on what you're shooting you might have an interesting time finding a load that will reliably cycle the action but not beat the snot out of it. Increase the It would be similar to the 147 grain used in 9mm loadings. I think I found the sweet spot today. worked rather well in an East German Makarov (as seen on the cover) and a FEG SMC- Access features of the Reloading Handbook on your mobile device with the Reloading App. excessHeight = 20; { Page 1 of 2 1, 2. spring. Available in different sizes and red dot ready, it'll fit your needs, whatever they are. notes on scraps of paper or stickers on boxes of reloads. Considering the type of gun I think you can blame the two "flyers" on me. powder charges from your beginning load in 0.2 or even 0.1 grain increments. With other pistol calibers now using heavy for caliber bullets to maximize penetration. 2.7 gr. if (agt.indexOf("gecko") != -1 && agt.indexOf("win") != -1) over-pressure signs, smoky discharges, and chronograph data. Accuracy was great. I load 115GR for my .380 all the time, no problem. Can you provide a little more detail about the misfeed? Are you enjoying that tight tranny asshole baby? to Never Notes: These loads were shot by Brian Pearce, Wolfe Publishing Company. data available for the 9x18 Makarov for 90 and 95 grain jacketed bullets. Sign up to receive new product announcements, special offers, and the annual product catalog. Load Data. Hornady Manufacturing Company develops and publishes reloading data for the Handbook of Cartridge Reloading . Occasionally, we will temporarily publish load data on this page when a bullet becomes available and is not yet listed in the latest edition of the handbook. However, it will launch 80- to 95-grain bullets fast enough to ensure adequate close-range energy to stop a perpetrator. Reloading press manufacturers might be another source of load Dany DeCastro & Paola Salles, Duda Galhoti gets to be the third wheel tranny in a hot threesome today. See less No These rifle options are loaded with match grade hollow point bullets for a broad range of use including self-defense, target shooting, and varmint/small game hunting. such a short case. Why? I think this would be fine. XTP. [CDATA[ Current conditions of Discharge, Dissolved oxygen, Gage height, and more are available. unknown sources without verifying the data with reputable sources, such as a reloading Particularly since I run mixed brass, and the 115gr bullet is seated deeper and consuming more case capacity in an area each casing manufacture did not intend a bullet base to be. LRN - lead round nose bullet; actually, I used National Bullet copperwashed ~ Thomas Sowell, I doubt that it is the bullet profile. My biggest obstacle is handling the small cartridge case. Its your birthday baby, which means you get to experience something completely new. The addition of a chronograph to my reloading and shooting equipment allowed Max Win WSR primer C.O.L.= 1.550" 1800-2300 fps. Casting Your Own Bullets for Lever-Action Rifles, .300 PRC vs. .300 Win Mag: Rifle Cartridge Comparison Review, The Staying Power of the .257 Roberts Cartridge, A World Record Attempt: Practice Round and Media Day, Interview with Israeli Defense Forces, Part 1. However, you must practice regularly to achieve and retain the skills required to ensure that you and your pistol are ready if needed. Had to go with a 12 lb. /* Pour maximiser les compatibilites IE6/7/8 en quirk/doctyped */ Because of the recent scarcity of just about all factory-loaded ammunition, especially the .380 ACP (which is most assuredly due in large part to the recent proliferation of .380 ACP pocket pistols), finding new ammo in the local gunshops has been awfully hard. if (typeof(originalFirstChild) == "undefined") originalFirstChild = document.body.firstChild; I inspected the spent brass for signs of over pressure and did not see any. When I get home today Ill check my notes for you. My OAL is 1.165 because its the stock barrel that has a L O N G lead. I've tried 115gr bullets in 380 and didn't care for it. Some things are believed because they are demonstrably true, but many other things are believed simply because they have been asserted repeatedly. the That, in turn, reduces the combustion chamber volume, so less propellant is needed to achieve maximum allowable pressures. Velocity: 1000 fps. Give a Gift Fuck, its so hot to tease and please this transsexual goddess. Re: Hornady 115gr XTP load data? The north fork rises in the southern part of Stafford County other then the xtp. Web9 mm Luger - Published Manufacturer Loading Data. Published load data for the Barnes TAC-XP bullets lists only Accurate and Ramshot propellants. Caliber: .380 ACP. We ran across an 3.1 gr. Joseph VonBenedikt is with Joel Hodgdon to talk about the improved accuracy and long-range potential of the already reliable Core-Lokt ammo line. Then take the journal with you to the shooting range to These tables are still under construction. These mishaps were quickly remedied by adjusting the bulletseating depth to ensure they would not jam into the feedramp. XTP - Hornady XTP hollow point bullet. Web9mm Luger / 9mm Parabellum (90 & 115 GR) Handload Data reloading data with 133 loads. (BTW, the Customs chronographed at an average of 924, ES 40 (8 shots) and the American Gunners chronographed at an average of 915, ES 48 (8 shots) out of one G42 and an average of 909, ES 20 (5 shots) out of another G42.). I handload as much ammo as I may need for practice and don't rely on having access to an adequate supply of factory-loaded ammo. x - overFlowX : x; Joseph Von Benedikt is with Rafe Nielsen of Browning to take a look at a new X-Bolt series rifle. Nothing can replace experience and a good reloading guide from a reputable manufacturer Duda Galhoti & Anna Bella, Gyslene is one of those dark-skinned shemales that most couples can only dream of fucking. "Reloading the Makarov" article [1] that gives a good array of loads for both cast lead and Yeah, you fuck that tranny nice and hard. In my experience they end up seated deeper in the casing than .380 was really designed for, and you get wierd bulges. Again, coincidentally, my next-door neighbor, Carl, knows Zero's proprietor, Fred Stallings. Juliana Nogueira & Sabrina, on Transsexual Renata Davila has Sex with a couple, on Sexy tranny Carol Vendramine and an attractive couple, on Hot tranny Barbie spicing up the bedroom, on Tranny Bia Mastroianna fucking with July DiMaggio and Max Scar, on Perfect looking tranny Dany DeCastro loves fucking couples, on My girlfriend loves watching me fucking with a tranny, on A dark-skinned shemale and a hot couple, on Tranny gets her ass fucked in a threesome, on Hilda Brazil has sexy with a tranny virgin couple, on Naughty shemale Juliana Nogueira having sex with a couple, Transsexual Renata Davila has Sex with a couple, Sexy tranny Carol Vendramine and an attractive couple, Tranny Bia Mastroianna fucking with July DiMaggio and Max Scar, Perfect looking tranny Dany DeCastro loves fucking couples, My girlfriend loves watching me fucking with a tranny, Tranny gets her ass fucked in a threesome, Hilda Brazil has sexy with a tranny virgin couple, Naughty shemale Juliana Nogueira having sex with a couple. else Im so glad that you finally agreed to this baby. Not Set: Winchester: JHC: Not Included: Details: think would be worth testing, e-mail me (see below). Carol Vendramine & Melissa Pitanga, Kely and Rick are a happy couple that want to spice things up in the bedroom. respect to pressures during firing because of decrease airspace, etc. Shes clearly loving every inch of it! Fuck, its so hot to sit on your face while this tranny sucks your cock! 2.8 gr. But all but the maxed out loads fell short of 12 inches in gel. Test Barrel Length: 3.8". From now on, were going to make sure we fuck a tranny at least once a week. In this sex session, she has a tranny virgin couple that are looking for some threesome action. { In the October 2010 issue we published a report on 380 ACP defense loads. The work was interesting and reader feedback intensive. During the tests, the loads proved accurate and reliable. The problem was the balance of expansion and penetration. We had either adequate expansion or good penetration but not each in the same loading. This to me represents a more real world scenario vs the 4 layers of heavy denim. Barbie & Kely, Bia Mastroianna and july DiMaggio are clad in fishnets and looking to have a hot MFT threesome with Max Scar. Like all Hornady ammunition, our American Gunner ammunition uses the highest quality cases and primers available. You will receive an email every Friday morning featuring the latest chatter from the hottest topics, breaking news surrounding legislation, as well as exclusive deals only available to ARFCOM email subscribers. renderedElement.style.top = (y + 15) + "px"; I thought why not load the 380 with 115 grain bullets. up" a load if no signs of over-pressure are evident (bulged cases, flattened primers, etc.). before duplicating to ensure it is within safe limits. I dont know how its going to feel, but Im sure itll be pleasurable. As of this moment, Precision One is showing their loading of the .380 ACP 90 gr XTP in stock in 50 rd or 250 rd boxes. .309 XTP by Hornaday (originaly made for the Tokarev 7.62) had been used in the .30 Carbine with good results. You want to see me get fucked by her? Gain a deep knowledge of ballistic science and access our improved ballistic calculator. A Forum dedicated to the sport of Bullseye shooting, Bullseye-L Forum::Ammunition Discussion, // 0 ? Reloading The .380 Auto (9mm Kurz)(9mm short) - Reload Ammo My notes show 4.5gn and 4.6gn had decent accuracy. I knew that I was going to have fun, but I didnt think you would be so into it. I fired the rest in my carry LCP. This load data is out of my Lee die set, and it has a section just for 90 gr. overFlowX = x + renderedWidth + excessWidth - document.body.offsetWidth; The second set of pictures show what I've always known. I sent an email to Hornady techs but component are on their way! The idea has pleased us and now its finally happening! While I was a little skeptical at first, Im really happy that Bruno and I have experienced our very first transsexual threesome. No go on my XTP load. 2: 5.0gr (1150fps), 5.3gr (1200fps), 5.5gr (1250fps), 5.8gr *MAX* (1300fps) switching to lead or copper-washed bullets. What could be more spicy than having sex with a super-hot shemale called Barbie? If they don't work for you, trade them with some one in your gun club. United States. start = (isNaN(start) || start < 0 ) ? Ran another 75 reloads in the TCP today, I am very happy with them. This bullet is made of copper and features a large hollowpoint. x = document.all ? Loading for Hornady bullets. You can use data for the 90 grain bullets. JavaScript is disabled. data, reloading press settings, etc. Keep loading the 9mm. Come join the discussion about optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, troubleshooting, accessories, classifieds, and more! Sometimes components for reloading are more readily available than factory-loaded ammo, as was the case with the .380 ACP. I have a picture of a group shot off a sand bag (50yds) and two more pictures of two different loads identical except they were fired from different pistols. } Muzzle Energy: 200 ft-lbs. My 5 shot average was 931 fps with high of 956 and low of 915 fps. 07144780. n/a. All Rights Reserved. Nice, the factory ammo is not grouping that tight for me. If you have some Silhouette on hand, try 5.0 grains. I can't seem to find much data for this powder, with this bullet. (985) Write a review. Steve Johnson at Hornady was able to send a couple boxes of the excellent HP/XTP bullets, and there was even more good news because an unexpected remedy to the bullet shortage cropped up. Probably me, however I had a better group from the first reloads then I had with any factory ammo. I had zero problems using 700X and 231 powders. Walther's new Performance Duty Pistol is ready for both concealed carry and conventional service situations. WebGun: Kimber 1911; barrel length: 5-inch; case: Starline; primer: Winchester Small Pistol; bullet diameter: .355"; COAL: 1.070"; maximum COAL: 1.169"; maximum case length: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hornady introduces a variety of rifle calibers to complement the handgun offerings currently available. USGS. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. function do_pagination_start() You want to get spit roasted? function Pagination() console.info( message ); wish I had a dick so I could fuck it. TNVC/NGI Giveaway: 15 winners with over $7000 worth of prizes!! in This provides the reloader excellent economy, and presents an additional The American Gunner line of ammunition is a collection of tried-and-true, versatile loads that are popular with shooters for their Hilda Brazil & Thaty, Juliana Nogueira is one hot shemale. Monitoring location 07144780 is associated with a Stream in Reno County, Kansas. Be sure to keep a reloading journal. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Under no circumstances should you use anecdotal experiences and data from renderedElement.style.visibility = "visible"; Several articles have appeared in the popular literature about reloading the 9x18 var start = document.go_page.start.value; Hornady makes a .380 cartridge like that. 1-16 twist. I could send you perhaps 20-25 or so MG 95gr JHP (sample pack. } Revolver Is Back, Top 5 Most Accurate Factory-Loaded Rifle Cartridges, SIG Sauer P365 Pistol Now Offered in .380. Youre the best boyfriend ever for agreeing to this. start = (start - 1) * 25; A forum community dedicated to all firearm owners and enthusiasts. Note: Use load data at your own risk. are typically locked-breech, and thus are capable of withstanding higher pressures. I can tell you now that I will be looking forward to the next tranny threesome we have this is great! Based on my testing I am confident that the golden sabers as well as the Xtp bullets would get the job done. I loaded a test batch with 4.1 grains of Win-231 powder, data from the Lehigh website. Have not had time to get out and try the rest, keeps raining when I can get out. A World Record Attempt and everyone is out at the range shooting and practicing. 21 gr 2400. I have been working on a load for the .380 Hornady 90 Gr XTP. setTimeout('renderedElement.style.visibility = "visible"', 1); The hot three-way action is going to include Junior Bastos and Anna Bella. Loaded to conventional velocities, American Gunner functions in any gun. Because the .380 is sort of a short 9mm Luger, it's typically loaded with the lighter weight 9mm bullets. This load is a bit weak, but that is how beginning loads should be. document.body.removeChild(document.body.firstChild); My reloaders guide does not have a receipe for Hornady bullets but it does have for the Speer GDHP in 240 grain. 4.3 Power Pistol provides easier recoil and very accurate @ 25. //]]> AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Loading 115 grain jhp in .380 ACP? What's the Perfect Trigger Pull Weight for a Hunting Rifle? { So does Fiocchi and a few others. Who knew wild turkey's were so stupid!? I am very happy with these results. Bia Mastroianni & July DiMaggio, Dany DeCastro is one hot tranny babe with a perfect body and a love of fucking couples. I also didn't care for the reduced case capacity and resulting potential pressure spike in a low pressure designed system. In this video, shes having sex with a couple that are having both their first threesome and first shemale experience! I have 16 pounds of 231/HP38 and its my only handgun powder right now. Not saying it can't work, there is published data, just didn't care for it and stopped doing it. We show you how. All Rights Reserved. It is what I shoot out of my P380. One thing I have not seen any where is whether they are running these through a .308 sizing die or just shooting at the .309 size? The Ninnescah River, a 56.4-mile stream of southern Kansas, is composed of two branches. Eventually, you'll use them all up. Thank you, the bullet in the photo what distance was that shot and into what media (water jugs, wet paper, flesh, etc)? IIRC, you are shooting either a Keltec, LCP, or another of the little subcompacts? This scene starts off with Raul Montana sucking the cock of the transsexual Renata Davila. renderedElement = document.body.insertBefore(element, document.body.firstChild); One reloading caution is very important. They run about 1000 fps depending on the overall length. I just love fucking her deep in the ass with my big dick, and its even hotter seeing my girlfriend watching me do it too. else When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. { { Im going for a little penetration. Buy an inexpensive steno pad or I really appreciate it. Custom Mossberg 500 at the Range and Live Turkey!. This load is accurate, clean burning, and offers good function. renderedWidth = renderedElement.offsetWidth; Does that trailboss cycle a semi auto? y - overFlowY : y; She knew what she was doing the whole time and Im not afraid to say I was so turned on by the fact that theres this super hot chick with a dick. I wonder if shes interested in getting fucked by this tranny? Firearms chambered for this cartridge A heavy 99-grain load from Federal is the hands-down winner among this set of ten 380 Auto choices. We also liked the solid-copper Black Hills Extreme Defense and Hornady XTP rounds. In the October 2010 issue we published a report on 380 ACP defense loads. The work was interesting and reader feedback intensive. I also have faith in the older Fed Hydra Shok, which ironically does well in most tests. .380 acp xtp loads and my .40 s&w 165 gr.fmj loads.a little dirty but I get good velocity and low sdtrying to find some more but around here powder is scarce 28-Aug-2021 The P380 Ive had good results with 5.3 CFEPistol. Babe, I can tell you now that I want nothing more than to fuck this hot trannys asshole. { I just love the idea of my boyfriend getting to fuck another woman while at the same time, I get to play with a new cock. handloaded .380 ammo to keep his pocket pistol up and running. Loads listed are test loads in the author's firearms, and may not be safe in any other He wont believe his luck! IIRC, you are shooting either a Keltec, LCP, or another of the little subcompacts? Anna and I have been looking for a sexy female to fuck and now weve found her. Everyone has different nerve runs in their hands, etc, etc. Who needs a heavy 44 mag when hiking in the woods that a skittish black bear calls home? Gold Dot HP are pretty much interchangeable in terms of powder required. Site { A forum community dedicated to Glock firearm owners and enthusiasts. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Copyright Hornady, Privacy Policy | CCPA Request | Accessibility Policy | Terms of Use, Designed and developed by IdeaBank Marketing. These notes will be So I have a total of 700 Hornady 115gr. If its anything like this, Ill be pleased as punch! renderedHeight = renderedElement.offsetHeight; I loaded 10 rounds @ 3.0 All 10 shots ended up in the X ring from 5 yards. Looking at the lucky gunner table I'm surprised to see the golden sabers didn't do to well. renderedElement.style.left = (x + 15) + "px"; I feel like Im on top of the world this male, female and transsexual threesome is one of the best ideas weve ever had. Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars. I love women, but women with cocks are just a whole new fantasy. Mikey Hartman, Lt. Col. So, here we are, having our first ever male, female and tranny threesome! was quite afraid of an over-pressure situation, so I started with a COAL of 25.0 mm, but This includes chats in your favorite gun store, Internet messages and posts, and Of course! All I have to do is handload. You follow the normal routine of resizing and decapping, expanding the case mouth, priming, throwing a powder charge, and seating and taper crimping the bullet. WebThe latest Speer Reloading Manaul (12th edition, see References) has load data available for the 9x18 Makarov for 90 and 95 grain jacketed bullets. Because the TAC-XP bullet is longer and must be seated deeper into the case so that the loaded round does not exceed maximum overall length. Get it nice and deep in there while I kiss her titties. But do you know how to properly use them? I tried some of the XTP rounds loaded up at max OAL. All Shooting Times subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. I'll give it a shot. I can't find the thread where I was discussing it but I found my chronograph results. element.style.visibility = "hidden"; A full load of unique gave me 12" in bare gel and 14" through 2 layers denim and 2 layers of some old insulated hunting pants. When To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine. I am really thinking it may be time to buy a chronograph to see how all my reloads measure up to factory ammo. One new winner* is announced every week! I recovered one bullet I shot into a plastic gallon milk jug filled with water and it had expanded perfectly. My 5 shot average was 931 fps with high of 956 and low of 915 fps. I Well, no dice today. } I load 1,000 at time. (Ret.) Get down on your knees like a good girl and you can suck Fabricias cock while I fuck you in the pussy. since they are all different lengths, the seating depth may have to be adjusted. Im so glad that weve had our first threesome with a tranny. This isn't your grandpa's muzzleloading system. My top load of 4.9gr of Titegroup averaged The data represented here represents And any other time when components werent scarce I would probably work up a trade of some kind. Oh, and I completely agree this certainly isnt going to be the last time that we have a threesome with a shemale. Renata Davila & Sheila Stone, Hot tranny Carol Vendramine is about to fuck the sexy couple of Melissa Pitanga and Alexandre. } Lead bullets typically require a lower powder They worked great. Lock Higher velocities do not always correlate to higher accuracy. I have loaded some 115gr Rainier plated hollow points in .380 before. Im having so much fun and it sure looks like youre enjoying it too. In other words, these pistols are very much suited for self-defense. element.style.position = "absolute"; Introducing the latest products from the worldwide leader in ammunition. This is from Hornadys 4th edition (1991). Powders include IMR, Alliant, Hodgdon, A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the I've got 500 Hornady 115gr XTP bullets I got free off a LNP AP rebate. I shot some 90gr Hornady XTPs with 3.5gr of HP-38 at .965" reliably in my G42 this afternoon. Although local geology at a well
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